Friday, January 18, 2008

Blogger shout out

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all you bloggers who showed up at Cafe al Dente last night.

As usual, it was really fun hanging out with the cool kids for a change. I finally got to have some extended conversation with m.toast, who is every bit as interesting in person as she in in blog (FWIW, m.toast, I concur with you're thoughts about moving away from livejournal).

Also got to meet meesha, but didn't get to talk as much as I'd hoped. Maybe next time, comrade.

Then of course there was the highlight of the night for everyone, meeting the one, the only Chimpo live and in person (update your links, biotches!).

I'm always amazed when I go to these things how much talent this town has. But last night really blew me away when Chimpo got up on stage and showed off his acoustic chops with this rendition Straight Outta Compton.

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  1. I forgot to buy one of your beers to make up for splitting an appetizer with you. I'll catch you next time.

    Good to see you again after all this time!

  2. Don't worry about it AJ. I chugged your glass of Merlot while you weren't looking, so I think that makes us even.

  3. Ahhhh! Now I'm angry I missed it! :-(

  4. It was great to see you emaw!

  5. I purposely didn't buy you a beer because you hit me in the face with a nerf ball. Expect a comment from my lawyer.

  6. Video payback's a bitch, ain't it?


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