Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good idea, bad idea

Good Idea: Cutting up your old, expired credit cards into tiny pieces before throwing them away so as to avoid being the victim of identity fraud.

Bad Idea: Accidentally getting your thumb in the way of scissors as you slice said cards -- the very thumb you had nearly destroyed in the Christmas Eve Massacre of 2007.

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  1. You are kidding me, right? Please no pictures!

  2. Have you ever thought that perhaps the SW is accident-prone?

  3. I was gonna say, Thank GOD there aren't any pics! GAH!

    I cut my old credit cards into 4 pieces. Then I throw two opposing pieces (i.e. from opposite corners of the credit card, so they can't be matched up again) into one trash can at home, and the other two into my trash can at work. So far so good!

    Your SMW needs to be quarentined from sharp objects, dude. Give her the kid scissors and be done with it.

  4. not for nothing, but 3 years into our marriage I went and bought Nora a shredder that also obliterates credit cards, not because she was er...'accident-prone' with sharp implements like your SMW, but because she was/is OCD like Faith. Not just about CCs, but about old mail, receipts, junk mail, graduate school tests, etc etc etc. one night a week - ALWAYS while i was home - she would spenf hours tearing and tearing and re-tearing paper crosswise, sidewise, into the itsy bitsy smallest pieces and then randomly dispose of the debris in 1 of 3 separate trsh bags...

    i can sometimes still hear that tearing, tearing in my sleep.

  5. Again!?!

    Seriously, she keeps this up, she won't have anymore of her thumb to, ahh, do stuff with.

  6. Actually, the cut was very minor (especially compared to the cheese slicer incident). It didn't even bleed (much). But still... just sayin'...

  7. $30. Go to Target and buy a shredder which has slots for credit cards and DVDs that might contain personal bang sessions.

  8. Chimpo, for the last time there's no way I'm going to shred those DVDs of you and that donkey on stage in Tijuana. That stuff is blackmail gold!


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