Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That just happened!

I have to confess my lack of confidence in the good guys tonight.

I knew K-State had a good team this year. Good? Hell, they have a damn good team.

But I just knew in the run-up to "the game" that even though K-State had its best team in years, so did KU. I joked around with the 'Hawks fans at work whether KU had any chance at all (even the VP of my group... gulp), all the while knowing that in all likelihood, they would walk out of Manhattan with "the streak" intact.

I watch the boys in purple play a solid first half and go into the locker room with a surprising 2-point lead knowing that with Bill Walker's three fouls, they were in rough shape for the second half.

Even with the 'Cats up by 10 with four minutes left, I saw us losing the lead because of fouls and too many 3-point attempts.

It wasn't until about 57 seconds to go that I was reasonably assured that the good guys would win.

So a sincere well-played to the 'Hawks, and a hearty congrats to the 'Cats.

I'm glad I was wrong.

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  1. Well, I'm glad someone in the Big XII can beat K.U.


  2. Bill may have had 3 fouls at half, but Beastly had one foul for the entire game. Last night I muttered the words, "I hope he blows out his knee during the NCAAs so he thinks abour sticking around another year."

    That game was a thing of sheer beauty.

  3. I'm glad you were wrong.

  4. My trainer said the Cats have 3 freshman that put up 65 points all by themselves last night...but that 2 of them will be leaving after this year for the NBA. (Which, btw, I think is a total crock o' shit, and I don't mind saying it.)

    Enjoy it while it lasts! I can't believe they beat 'em...

  5. Faith,
    Yeah, it's pretty universally accepted that Beasly will be in the NBA next year and there's better than even odds that Bill Walker will as well.

    Hopefully Coach Martin will be able to make some recruiting hay out of this season and keep the talent level up.


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