Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3AM Poll: Shoeblogga

How could you miss the recent video footage of Prez Bush deftly dodging a shoe-chucker's projectile the other day. If it wasn't his finest moment as president, then it was definitely up there in the top five.

Actually, I could see shoe chucking becoming quite the spectator sport in this country as well. I mean it's a little more practical than pie throwing and chicken tossing, but it makes the statement nonetheless.

Which begs the question: Given the chance, who would you want to sling your Sketchers at?

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  1. KC Television Weatherpeople.

  2. what am I, rich?

    I'm keeping my shoes.

  3. I am with Doc, shoes stay on or I am bound to show up on TKC with nasty bare feet photos

  4. Alll of the other shoppers in Target. All of them. And they have a whooole damned shoe section there for me to use, so I can do it all day long, man. (The shoe section is already a hot mess this time of year anyway...it won't make it any worse to throw some around.)

  5. Enviro-cultists who insist that the world will end if carbon levels are not reduced to their specifications. Get a grip, hippies.

    Moreover, I want the shoe to be a Croc, made from EVIL PLASTIC.


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