Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Garmored Cars

I read the Star's article about local companies that have launched corporate blogs. The writer mentions Garmin, the Olathe-based maker of GPS gear (that's Global Positioning System, for you old folk).

The Star linked to a story from the frontlines in Afghanistan:

"On 23 September 05 one of my trucks was hit with an IED (improvised explosive device). The GPS was velcroed to the window sill in the truck. After the truck burned to the ground, we found the Garmin still hanging in there, the only piece of equipment to survive... The Garmin is melted and deformed but still works. I have been saved by my Garmin GPS on several occasions. I can always count on it. All I have to do is pull it off my vest and that's where I am. I can call for help on the radio and get medevacs, close air support, indirect fires, or straighten out myself while navigating."
So, this Garmin device is made out of something similar to the "Black Box" material. You know, the black box that is always the only working piece of gear to survive a plane crash?

So here's what I'm thinking, the gub'ment should have Garmin build all military vehicles to be IED resistant.

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  1. OK. I'm blatantly stealing this from someone (not sure who).

    But that stuff they make the black boxes from? The stuff that survives the most horrendous air disasters?

    Why don't they make the whole plane out of that stuff?

  2. Yeah. I kind of stole that concept myself. I'm pretty sure it was Jerry Seinfeld (or maybe George Carlin).

  3. I thought it was Stephen Wright.

  4. Xavier, I think the answer is:

    Tensile Strength.

    But I'm no f'n engineer, I'm just a sales donkey. We don't use Garmin anyway, we use Thales for the lightweight stuff and Trimble for the rugged duty...


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