Thursday, November 01, 2007

For whom the bell trolls

I have implemented a policy on this piece of digital fishwrap to never mention certain names that will go unmentioned.

The rationale is that the organization and family behind this certain name want nothing more than to be named and garner the attention by which such naming is accompanied.

I think that by not naming the heretofore unnamed name, I'm taking away that which allows this organization to keep going - or at least I'm not contributing to it in my own small sense. I've always thought that if we can ignore them long enough, they'll go away.

Having stated that, it is nice to read news stories about the recent legal verdict against this unnamed organization. And even though the $11 million judgment in favor of the father of a fallen soldier will undoubtedly be appealed, it gives me hope that more such lawsuits will be successful.

If nothing else it will help keep the unnamed family tied up in court, devoting more of their financial resources to defending their obnoxiousness instead of perpetrating it.

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  1. I hope the father can collect it. In point of fact, I hope he hounds "they who shall not be named" into the dust.


  2. You'd be surprised how many people can find you through an appropriately titled picture, though. That one has the unnamed individual on it in the properties...

  3. You may want to catch a locally-made doumentary on this family, made by a KU student who was allowed by the family to film them. I saw the world debut of this film at All Soul's Unitarian Church a few months ago.

    The Movie is titled "Fall From Grace".

    It's pretty interesting, and scary. Two highlights:

    - It has footage of their leader preaching a very mean sermon every Sunday to about 5 of his family who are the only ones who attend his services. Fire and racist brimstone to literally three kids forced to sit in the pews.

    - The Elder you know-who's son talks about his dad being a lightweight, and the fact they're really going to get serious when Dad dies. "after all, dad was 17 years old when he FINALLY saw the light. We were born into it". If anybody thinks it's going to end when the elder you-know-who-dies, you're mistaken.

    Consider buying the dvd to support an up and coming filmaker.

  4. Mainstream,

    I remember when that movie premiered. I confess to being mildly interested, but I wonder if it would do any good for me to see it. I mean, I already know the unnamed douchebag is the apotheosis of douchebaggery, I suspect the film would just reinforce that. And it really doesn't need any reinforcement for me.

    I'm all for supporting local artists, I just wonder if I should give the unnamed that additional attention, even if it's negative attention.

  5. Good point. And it'll probablt do you no good.

    We talked about that with the filmaker as well - i mean it's the reason why d-bag doesn't mind having a filmaker hanging around, even if the film will be against he and his family.

    That's also why you won't read a word about him in the (kline-endorsing) Topeka paper...


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