Monday, January 14, 2008

Headlines: G.M.'s alternative fuel bet

General Motors is taking steps to make sure it maintains it's position on the cutting edge of automotive technology.

According to the New York Times, GM has invested heavily in a company that is developing a process to create alternative fuels out of waste products.
General Motors, eager to ensure a supply of fuel for the big fleet of flex-fuel ethanol-capable vehicles it is building, has joined the rush into alternative energy and invested in a company that intends to produce ethanol from crop wastes, wood chips, scrap plastic, rubber and even municipal garbage.
GM is investing in a company called Coskata, which is keeping it's fuel-generation process largely underwraps. But it has released an overview of it's technology.
Coskata is one of many companies ... in an emerging world of start-up firms that are making alternative fuels with a mix-and-match approach to existing technologies. In Coskata’s case it is a combination of gasification and bacterial action.
This overview is giving local economic development officials a lot of hope.

According to my many inside sources, officials with the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce have already contacted Coskata and notified them that Kansas City sits right on top of the largest source of gasified waste and municipal garbage in the Midwest.

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  1. Larry Moore1/15/08, 7:18 AM

    No more Dream Factory for you!

  2. That was a looong way to go for a gratuitous Mooreslap.

  3. Ok, I might need an update as to what fired up this oh-so-powerful hate for L.M. in the first place...I might've started reading after you explained it. Did he kill your mom? Attack your kid at the park one day? What? I mean, I know he's old and he sucks and all, but your opinion of him seems to go beyond the average "God, that guy sucks at his job!" kind of hatred, so I really want to know, now. (I avoid him by watching Friends reruns at 6 and then falling asleep before 9:30. I watch the morning news, and am more confused about why the co-anchors that have to work with Donna Pitman keep moving into what seem to be crummier and not as fun position as co-anchor would be, even at 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. every day. Does she have cooties? Is she smelly? What's the deal there?

  4. Faith,
    Here's where you can read where I completely lost it with Larry Moore.

    It was kind of the breaking point that put me on the path to a life-long vendetta against Moore.

    And, it's not so much Larry Moore as it is what he represents. He is the apotheosis of the flunky, lazy, sensationalist, pseudo-journalistic fake so-called local so-called news that contributes to the continued cultural erosion of our country.

    Plus he's a goobery old geezer and a good target for all my pent-up rage.


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