Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dark side of the moon

So I'm taking the trash out to the curb at about 9:15 and I look up at what should have been a full moon. Instead I see that a cosmic demon is eating the moon god, a sure portent of evil days ahead.

Anyway, since I was bundled up against the 20-degree temperature, I got out the digital camera and tripod and snapped a few shots of this sure sign of the impending apocalypse.

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  1. Love that album!

    Glad you took the photos. I forgot to go out (busy reading blogs).

  2. The 2nd pic with the stripes is a really good one. I went out with my camera, saw nothing but clouds. Now Ive seen it and didnt have to freeze.

  3. Hey thanks for dropping in and sharing about the photos. We didn't get to see any of it due to the heavy cloud cover.


  4. Your pictures came out SOOOO much better than mine.

  5. I miss the days when using astronomical knowledge could allow one to set himself up as a god among the natives.


    Damn the internet and the accessibility of knowledge.


  6. Miscreant, The stripes on the 2nd pic are the branches from a tree in my back yard. I just wanted to assure everyone that it wasn't the claws of an evil moon-eating demon.

  7. 20 degrees? It felt more like 20 below. Good job.

  8. I did take some pictures myself,being outside reminded me about my 3 days in Siberia. I hope in 2010 it will happen when it's warmer.


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