Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Giant

This gigantic snow man guarding Mission Road in Prairie Village is somewhat baffling and raises several questions:
Was the dust of snow we received Saturday night enough to build such a monstrosity? If not, how were the creators able to keep it from melting even a little in the week since we had snow? And how were they able to lift a three-foot diameter snow head to the nine-foot summit of the snow titan in the either case?

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  1. None of these question matter just hit the gas and run over the monstrosity.

  2. The last snow we had, someone built a snowman outside my work... in a tree.

  3. Great. Now I'm gonna have to go find it so I can touch it and see if it's real.

    Can you at least gimme a cross street to work with here?

  4. Faith,

    Not sure but I think it was between 70th and 75th. It was south of Village Presbyterian Church (I think).

  5. Holy shit -- someone has been hoarding snow in a small cave underneath State Line road -- if I were there this week I would have Spencer pee the words "There wasn't enough snow you morons" in cursive.

    Maybe you had to be in my mind to think that was funny.

  6. I think what you are missing here is that the snowman is wearing a Shriner's hat. Thus, it must be some clue to the where abouts a hidden Knights Templar treasure.

  7. I spotted Frosty as he was being assembled; they used a ladder.


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