Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is that a rocket in your pocket?

I thought this video would be more exciting...


It's a bit underwhelming, but at least there's this pic of local boy Andrew Jackson pulling the trigger...

And this wicked-cool image of the "bullet"...

In case you're wondering, the "bullet" was a Raytheon RIM-161 Standard SM-3. I think the specs on that page include do-it-yourself instructions on how to build one of these bad boys in you basement.

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  1. Cool stuff. My dad used to work on stuff like this for McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing. When I was a kid, one room of our basement was nothing but electrical crap and model trains he was controlling by mixture of radio waves and magic. Some of that stuff made into the F-15's.

    Gotta love those engineers and their pocket protectors.



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