Monday, April 28, 2008

3AM EXCLUSIVE! Weekend project a complete waste of time!

The main project for last weekend (aside from the usual mowing the yard, filling the bird feeders, burying dead hookers in my basement, etc.) was repairing a drainage pipe in the front of our house.

The drainage pipe in question had become clogged (probably as a result of some roofing work we'd had done) leading to a backed-up downspout which caused a nice-looking, but foundation-eroding fountain in front of our house during last week's rains.

You probably couldn't tell from the picture, but the soil around the downspout was extremely eroded because of the backup-induced fountain. So I determined that I had to dig out the end of the drainage pipe where the water is supposed to come out.

I did some excavation (that means "digging" for those of you from Arizona) and found the culprit. The end of the pipe had become collapsed, leading to a severe blockage (much like Jason Whitlock's coronary artery).So I trimmed off the broken pipe with my kick-ass reciprocating saw and cleared the soil from around the end.
I also dug a trench from the recently trimmed pipe (sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it DLC?) out into the lower elevation of my yard.

Here's what the excavation looked like at that point.

Now it's time to prepare the new drainage pipe.

First, you're supposed to put this kind of cloth sock on the pipe to keep sand an dirt from getting in through the small holes that let water out of the pipe. It's kind of like putting sausage into a casing. (Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, and it's like that too.)

Once the pipe sock was on, I attached it to the existing drainage pipe with a hose clamp and trimmed off the excess. I then cut a hole at the end of the new pipe to put a neat little grate on.

All that was left to do was bury my pipe (heh) and then replace the sod I had saved just for this purpose. And voila, the new drain.

Unfortunately, there's still a blockage in the drain. I put the garden hose in my gutter Sunday just to test it and discovered I was still getting serious backup. So all that work, and I still haven't solved the problem.

So my next step is to rent one of those rotor rooter things at Home Depot and try to drill this sucker out. It will probably have to wait until next weekend, though.

I just hope it doesn't rain before then.

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  1. So, come for the blog, stay for an episode of This Old House.


  2. That was the most entertaining DIY blog I've ever read. I fully appreciate the innuendo enhancements.

    I feel your pain, though. We had to replace our sewer line late last summer and the yard has just now settled. We have to re-dirt and replant the whole thing.

    Good luck next weekend!

  3. every time you do your own house work, a Mexican kid goes to bed hungry. how do you feel now?

  4. Even the photos were kind of dirty. Good luck unclogging your drainpipe!

  5. Sounds like fun. I almost had to do the same...instead, I was able to pull the leaves out of the gutter instead. Hope you find your blockage.

  6. You mean you buried it before you tested it? Tell me did the super model wife suggest testing but you didn't? Because you know that would be a husband kind of thing to do.

  7. Spyder,

    I actually considered testing it, but I didn't want to have a swamp to work in when I buried it. You see, the obstruction is only a partial one. The thing drains, just not fast enough to keep heavy rain water from backing up.

    Plus the "pipe sock" instructions said to only install in dry backfill/infill.

    So I could have tested, but it would have meant waiting another day or so to let it dry once the test was complete. I admit I was too impatient to wait.


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