Monday, April 07, 2008

Could you just do me this one little favor? Is that too much to ask?

Sunday morning was as bad as I thought it would be.

Saturday, I could hang out at home, bunkered up against all of the crap I knew was flying round outside of my house. I could avoid the offensive TV programming by watching something off the DVR (Resevoir Dogs if you must know). But in the back of my mind, I knew I was only delaying the force majeure that was approaching with all the inevitability of the 15-second shot clock.

I expected it. I knew every bandwagon jumper and his dog would be talking about "KU's Big Win." The so-called TV journalists of course, the idiot teenagers at Planet Sub, the knuckle dragging battery-chuckers at the car wash -- hell, even the Pastor at church found a way to work it into his sermon.

Yeah, I knew it was coming. But knowing it was coming didn't make it any better.

Then I get to work this morning and I hear this gem from one of the blue and crimson sheep:
"That was the best half of basketball I have ever seen any team play in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!"
--KU bandwagon jumper
Now I admit that part of what I'm experiencing can be chalked up to a version of what Katra cleverly calls "Freudenschade ("Finding misfortune in the joys of others."). But enough is enough already!

Here's a news flash, KU Fan: Not everyone is a KU fan.

Don't get me wrong. I mean, kudos to KU for busting my bracket and all. But there's only so much credit I can give to a hated team from an athletic department built on cheating that backed into the Final Four by beating no team higher than an 8 seed.

So here's my proposal. I'll try to bottle up my vehemence for the next few days if you can make some effort at containing the inevitable douchebaggy obnoxiousness that I just know is going to show up.

And Xenu help us if KU actually beats Memphis tonight.

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  1. having lived in several other states, i can confidently say that pretty much everyone hates KU basketball outside of this region. They are like the Duke of the midwest, only without all the smart people.

  2. Good Grief Emaw! Where is your loyalty to the great state of Kansas?

    This is just another post complaining about the greatness of KU vs the ineptitude of KSU.

    If it makes you feel any better the sports blogs that I read a saying that OSU will offer Bill self a shit load of money. So he might still leave.

  3. Tomorrow after KU loses you will come to work quietly smiling and it all will be worth it.

  4. Standing and applauding, with tears in his eyes.


  5. I just saw your post. Great minds think alike? I'm so ready for basketball to be over with. As for modeling, I have to find a decent excuse to buy one first. No swanky events in the foreseeable future, but I'll keep you posted.

  6. Backed in? KU played Davidson who was this years "cinderella" that could do no wrong. Should KU be criticized because the higher seeds couldn't beet a 12 or a 13? Plus, they handedly beat the over-all #1 seeded team.

    Anyway, they likely won't win tonight, but it will be a fun to watch, just the same.

  7. You could say they "backed into the Final Four". You could say that. But it doesn't change the fact that KU went and smacked North Carolina in the mouth, a team that was picked not only by most pundits, but also by over 35% of people on Yahoo!'s pick'em overall. The next closest team was UCLA. So you can knock their wins up to the Final Four, but they deserve to be in the finals.

    And it wasn't the best half...perhaps the best 15 minutes, but not the best half. People who hate on KU (especially K-State and MU fans) are really just jealous more than anything. And you actually played the "KU Cheats" card? Come on. Green is not a good color on you, buddy.

  8. Thank you fine sir for saying what I feel so well. I love when KU fan starts talking to me about the greatness that is KU, automatically assuming that I too am a KU fan, and I get to tell them "sorry I'm not a douche, I don't like KU, but good for you, embrace your inner douche".

  9. It's pretty much already been said. A co-worker and fellow cat asked if I would be routing for KU tonight. I said I would if it wasn't for the fact that KU fans will be complete d-bags about winning. But really, they'll be complete d-bags if they lose, too.


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