Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Feast: Box lunch

Logtar took it upon himself to personally deliver today's lunch. You have your choice between the roast beef and club sandwiches:

Lets start with a trio sampler of word association… I say,
Tear :: For Fears
Hawk :: Hudson
Alien :: Ant Farm

If you had to pick a body of water that you have visited in your life to build a house next to, which one would it be… describe the scenery.
The Ligurian Sea. It looks a lot like the Northern California coast, but without all the damn dirty hippies. Lots of craggy cliffs, great for hiking. Deep culture and historical legacy. Easy access to Tuscany and all of the delicious wines and food therein, not to mention the treasure trove or art and history.

Everyone is being green now-a-days, what is your favorite green initiative?
Getting rid of the obsolete electronics that had been taking up too much room in my basement.

Main Course
Mexican is one of my favorite foods, share the name of your favorite Mexican dish with all of us (and where to find it) … even if it is just a Taco Bell chalupa?
Favorite Mexican dish? Easy, Selma Hayek (caliente!!!). You can find her right here.

What was the color of your first bicycle, or the oldest toy that you remember and what fruit do you associate with that color?
Whhaaa??? Okay, my first bicycle was yellow but I don’t know what the heck that has to do with fruit. Banana I guess.

More box lunches are available from Logtar, The D, Nuke

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  1. THAT is what I call a main course. Nice job man!

  2. Selma Hayek...nummie.


    what else were you saying?


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