Monday, March 13, 2006

Don't player hate, player appreciate

One of the great things about the Internet is that there are so many people willing to help out and provide desperately needed services to jive turkeys like me who would otherwise be lost in a labyrinth of uncoolness.

The fact that I would use the word "labyrinth" shows how desperate my situation is.

Name pimpifier is an example of a website that provides just such a service. Now when I go slap down my bitches in the hood, I will be know as "D. Magical L. Dazzle."

Here's what the pimpifier told me:
"One of the things most hype about being an elevated player is having a name that mothafuckas respect. It's that one thing that punks who don't have your money always remember to yell while you're beating them down. "No D. Magical L. Dazzle! Please don't beat me down D. Magical L. Dazzle! I left my money in my other pants D. Magical L. Dazzle!"

See what I mean?"
So what's your pimp name, big daddy?

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  1. Apparently, my "pimp name" is "Reverend Xavier Beautiful".

    Now if I can just get me some bitches, I'll be all down wit dat!

    Otherwise, I'll be doomed to pursue a Liberal Arts Degree at William Jewell and fulfill my parent's dream of becoming an Assistant Manager Trainee at Dollar General.

  2. Don't be dissin' the D to the G yo. I gets all my ho's shampoo there, yo. And the paper towels.

  3. Decon DR. M Loco

    Diamondtrim Mi Rock

    Pimp Daddy Sass Wicked

    Of my names, those were my responses.

    Pretty funny.


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