Friday, June 16, 2006

Kansas, get your blog on

Thanks again to everyone who submitted posts last week for the Kansas Guild of Bloggers carnival, even though I forgot to post a reminder.

Well, this week I reminded myself to remind you so here it is: Please submit your posts for Monday's KGB Carnival. We've already got some great submissions, but go ahead and get yours in early.

Also, send emails and posts (hell, email this post) to all your friends and enemies to submit a post for the roundup. And don't forget to mention this call for entries on your blog and include the submit link. I'll post it on Monday, so try to get the submissions in by Sunday afternoon.

Also, if you interested in hosting the KGB Carnival, let me know and we'll set that up too. Like most things, this is a lot more fun when more people participate.

Thanks. Check back Monday for the roundup.

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