Monday, June 26, 2006

Damn insufferable pricks!

I often link to blogger extraordinaire Dan at Gone Mild because often makes me think. We disagree on many topics and issues, but he's a helluva good guy and a great blogger, too.

And, he would probably be surprised to see me agree with him on a recent post.

Last week Dan railed against Congressmen giving themselves a raise (or, more accurately, not foregoing their yearly automatic pay raise), while failing to issue an increase in the national minimum wage.
Congress denied a raise to the poorest workers in our country only a week after handing themselves a nice $3,300 raise.
While I don't quite agree that the government should be in the business of giving raises to workers in the private sector, I sure as hell don't agree that Congress should be giving itself anything more than a kick in the pants.

Dan seems to think this wouldn't have happened with a Liberal majority in power. Frankly, I'm surprised there are still so many people who think there is much of a difference between the two parties. Believe me the Republicrats are just two sides of the same animal.

Which is why I opted to become an early, charter member of the Insufferable Pricks Party. Essentially, we're pissed about having a government that serves the interest of government and not the governed.

Now, we can all disagree on what the "interest of the governed" is, but it's difficult to deny the culture of entitlement that has taken root in the beltway. And again, they're all in on it. From gerrymandering to fund raising to pork barreling, there's not one congress person who is above the fray.

You could argue that the Rebublicans have been better at it over the past 8 years. But that's just admitting that the whole game sucks.

So join us in our unofficial third party. Elect an Insufferable Prick in '08.
Here's a brief outline of the platform so far (h/t to Six Meat Buffet)
Platform Positions

(Feel free to help us develop our platform)
  • Gay Rights
    What makes you think we care where you stuff your man-yams? With the $700 million we won’t earmark to move railroad tracks, you will be able to buy a locking door. Go nuts.

  • Climate Change
    There is nothing more sanctimonious or arrogant than a polar ice cap. We say bring back aerosol spray cans and freon so we can show the planet who’s boss.

  • Education Reform
    Teachers must be capable of passing the same exams as the students.
    We'll leave behind "No Child Left Behind".
    Vouchers aplenty… and they can be used to escape inner-city hellholes.

  • Gitmo
    A length of rope with every Koran and prayer rug.

  • Gun Control
    Don’t make me shoot you.

  • Death Penalty
    Chair, needle or noose - pick one. (Firing squads are very appealing, and cheap.)

  • Energy Policy
    Enough windmills in Kennebunkport to make the Dutch blush.
    Enough oil wells in ANWR to make the caribou mush.
    More people died at Chappaquidick than Three Mile Island

  • War in Iraq
    The Insufferable Pricks vow to end this PC war. Our goal is to fight a real war. Get the troops out of Iraq and Afganistan. Invade Iran.

  • First Amendment Rights
    This right must never be impinged upon, even in cases of flag desecration or "protesting" military funerals. In fact, we will extend the First Amendment to include administering a "beat down" on funeral protesters as a legitimate expression of free speech as well.

  • Chickweed
    Definitely against.
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    1. Even though I only agree with about 50% of your platform, I do have legal documentation (in the form of two divorce decrees) which prove that I am indeed an Insufferable Prick.

      Guess that makes me a half-cocked Insufferable Prick.

      BTW, fair warning, I'm plagerizing the shit out of "man-yams".

      I vow to use it in a sentence at least once a day until I have completely assimilated it into my vast and encyclopedic vocabulary.

    2. I like your post. I have to say, man-yams is pretty funny and I vow to use it least once.

      Can I be an insufferable prick too? I'm totally for it.



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