Thursday, June 15, 2006

Carlin v. Coulter

I made a special point to switch from Letterman over to Leno last night to watch Carlin v. Coulter.

I'm a huge George Carlin fan. Always have been. He's got such a great way with words and he's never been afraid to say anything. Ann Coulter was also a guest.

Obviously, like the rest of the shallow minded, I was hoping to see a train-wreck of a clash between Carlin and Coulter, two people of opposite and outspoken political views.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for those of us hoping to see fireworks) the segment was very civil. Carlin cracked wise a couple of times ("I never thought I would move to the right of Ann Coulter" he said, as he made room on the guest couch), but he pretty much let her have her moment.

And Coulter did an adequate job presenting herself. She didn't crash and burn, but she didn't knock anyone's socks off.

Of course much hay was made of the recent quasi-controversial remark she made in her book re: 9/11 wives. I really don't see what's so controversial, given the context of the comment.

My biggest problem with Coulter (and others like her on all sides of the political spectrum) is the pervasive "we verses they" world view. Liberals verses Conservatives (neocons). It's not very conducive to debate and progress.

But then, progress isn't really the objective. As I pointed out on STP's Coulter post and Dan pointed out today, people like Coulter (and Michael Moore, Arianna Huffington , et. alii.) are really in the business of generating buzz to gather readers and sell books, syndicate columns, etc. And in this regard you, me and all the rest who talk, write and comment about them are complicit.

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