Monday, June 12, 2006

And it stoned me to my soul

It was eerie standing on my front stoop. The torrential rain had abated so I was no longer worried about getting soaked.

I watched the ghostly white meteorites plant themselves in my front yard and ricochet off of my house and cars. The otherwise quiet neighborhood echoed with the crash and smash of the hailstones. The bang of the stones off of shingle roofs and cedar siding sounded like a war zone.

I just hoped for minimal damage.

When it was over, I collected a few of the golf ball-sized specimens to show my daughter in the morning.

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  1. Must be the same storm we saw in Colorado yesterday afternoon which came your way. We got hail for about 10 minutes, torrential downpour for 20 (which we needed desperately), all the new birdies were very happy for fresh worms.
    The hail however was pretty small and soft, not the damaging type.


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