Friday, June 30, 2006

Not news to me

Sometimes I wonder how Larry Moore sleeps at night.

Here's this supposedly mature, ostensibly credible so-called journalist who, by the looks of his gray hair and wrinkled skin (man, high definition really brings out the detail) has been in the TV news business for a while, and I have absolutely no respect for him.

It's not just the lame, banal unwisecracks he makes during the segment segues. And it's not just the sensationalist teasers that have become so commonplace that they don't even work any more.

It's the actual content of what he chooses (or, more probably, his bosses choose) to present.

I mean, how in the hell does Britney Spears posing nude and pregnant on a magazine cover rate a story on the local news coverage. Hell, Tony didn't even stoop that low.

And, to be fair, it's not just Larry Moore. He's just the most goobery of all the local news stations who pretty much give the same report every night.

So here's a hint for the so-called local, so-called news organization: If you're presenting something as news it should be NEW!. Reporting Friday on a building collapse that happened Monday isn't news. If anything, it's olds.

Reporting that Britney Spears is white trash attention whore isn't news. Everybody already knows that. And besides, Larry Moore, why do you think anyone cares.

If you want to maintain any kind of relevancy, quit broadcasting trash. Stop serving mental junk food and give us something with some intellectual protein.

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  1. He sleeps at night because he's like 120 years old.

    It's a miracle he doesn't sleep on the air.

    I think the only guy in the metro older than him is Walt Bodine. Walt scares me. I'm starting to think of Bilbo Baggins. Walt may be hording The One Ring somewhere. It just ain't natural.


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