Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Or not TV

A few weeks ago my supermodel wife and I said goodbye to a long family friend. Craig had been a member of our household for as long as we’ve had a household.

Through five major relocations, major life decisions, career changes, new family members (and lost family members) and all of the major national events over the past 13 years, Craig was with us.

Craig is the off-brand name of the generic 19-inch television set I bought for $180 bucks through the Alco employee discount layaway program when I was in college.

We knew Craig’s time must be coming. I mean, I didn’t expect the off-brand import to last more than 5 years. Balls to Korean electrical engineers, I guess.

But alas, a couple of weeks ago a click from the ‘on’ button of the remote was met with a snap, crackle, pop and no picture.

It was a sad moment, but life goes on. It gave us the opportunity to do something we rarely do: drop a ton of money on an impulse buy.

After a quick consultation where we decided that if our TV is going to last for 15 years, let’s get some really kick-ass technology, we hit a sale at Nebraska Furniture Mart. We dropped $1400 on a 42-inch widescreen Samsung rear-projection LCD DLP high-definition television.

It took a couple of days to get the upgraded HD cable box from Time Warner. But when we did, holy crap the picture is good. I was never a huge hockey fan, but I watching hockey in HD is an incredible experience. You can literally see the details as if you’re there, but with a great zoom lens and amazing camera angles.

Baseball is the same (except when the Royals are playing). It’s a whole new level of engagement.

Movies look amazing. I can see why theaters like AMC are losing money. Batman Begins was airing on HBOHD (the HD is for High Definition—duh!) and the picture is incredible.

In fact, pretty much everything looks better and more dynamic, the news, talk shows like Letterman, movies and especially sports. Everything that is, except World Cup Soccer.

That’s still incredibly boring.

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  1. Sweet! So where's our invitation?

  2. That looks like a major quality of life improvement. You'll be hosting the Chiefs parties, I presume?

  3. Of couse. Where are my manners. You're all invited over to check it out. I'll even provide the Boulevard.

    I don't want to give out my address over the inkernet, but my house is easy to find. It's the white, one-car-garage ranch in Roeland Park.

    See you soon.

  4. I also recently upgraded to digital HDTV.

    I find myself watching shit I don't even like or care about just because it looks so amazing.

    It's like pure heroin for couch potatos.

  5. Oh, BTW. Mine's a 47".

    Mine's bigger than yours.

    Just as I always suspected.


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