Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tropical depressing

I feel really bad for AlGore today.

Lately AlGore has been at the height of his propaganda power, eclipsing even the great Michael Moore with his magnum opus An Inconvenient Truth, a so-called documentary about how evil Republicans are causing global warming in an attempt increase unemployment for brown people and make loads of money off of a hurricane-induced shrimp shortage.

Yes, AlGore has been flying high on the winds of a predicted record number of named Atlantic and Gulf Coast hurricanes headed our way this season while residents of New Orleans continue the struggle to recover after last year's Hurricane Katrina.

But this past weekend took a little bit of wind out of his sails.

As Tropical Storm Alberto rumbled toward the Florida coast, one could almost see AlGore and the Goreites salivating at the prospect of another chance to score political points from another vicious storm. And even though weather scientists remained calm, some chicken littles got their hopes up that we would see yet another hurricane as the storm intensified over a three-hour period.

But alas, Alberto just didn't have the right stuff. He sauntered onshore with lots of rain, but from an AlGore perspective, was pretty anticlimactic (anticlimatic?).

So let's hope, for AlGore's sake, that the next weather system to come across the Atlantic is a little more menacing. By the end of Hurricane Season 2006, if all goes well and millions end up dead or homeless, AlGore may still have something to smile about going into election season.

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  1. E-Maw - this passes into the realm of true batsh*t crazy if you think Gore would really wish a hurricane on Florida.

  2. No, wishing a hurricane on someone is more in the Rev. Pat Robertson's arena. Ya know...a loving Christian. And a Republican.

    I would remind my Esteemed Colleague Emaw that hurricane season is only two weeks old.

    Check back with us in November.

  3. Danno,

    I don't really thing AlGore is wishing for a hurricane on anybody -- even Florida. I'm just pointing out that he and a lot of others have put themselves pretty far out on that disaster prediction limb and it will make them look bad if there's not some kind of repeat of Katrina on some level.

    Conversley, a disaster this hurricane season will give them a chance, which I'm sure they'll take, to score political points (instead of trying to help with the situation on the ground).

    Just seems a little hypocratic IMO. They need victims so that they can make their case. But as I said and XO reiterated, there's plenty of time this year for a hurricane Armageddon.

  4. XO,
    I'm not sayin' there won't be a world-killing hurricane this year. Hell, there well could be.

    A few weeks ago when forecasters predicted a record number of "named storms" this hurricane season, there was a lot of back patting and "I told you so's" being passed around by the AlGore camp.

    I just don't know why they would want to hang their argumentative hat on hurricanes. Hurricanes aren't the only evidence for global warming, are they?

  5. No, not at all. There is also the shrinking of both polar ice caps and the Greenland glaciers, shifting ocean currents, etc.

    Believe it or not, I'm not among those who are convinced that Global Warming is occurring, is caused by us, or is inevitable.

    Hell, Antarctica used to be a tropical zone. North America used to be covered by glaciers.

    I don't think we have been studying the weather long enough to know with any certainty what the hell is going on.

    Although the evidence for Global Warming seems to be growing, I won't believe it until Gary Lezak says so.

  6. Xav...

    Halleluiah, Amen and Praise [insert your object of worship/admiration here].

    Yet again you and I have found common ground! There is hope for the world.

    Actually, it seems I might be more convinced of global warming than you. Anyway, meet me at ODowd's some afternoon and I'll buy you a Guinness.


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