Tuesday, June 27, 2006

YouTube Tuesday: The More You Know

In today's edition of YouTube Tuesday, we present a public service message.

The City of Omaha is only a few hours north of us, but what do we really know about it? They've got a nice zoo. You can buy a prepackaged steak.

Well, in the interest of getting to know our neighbors to the north, we humbly present this geography report courtesy of Steven Colbert (when he was still on The Daily Show).


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  1. This was quite funny; in fact, it inspired me to get my own YouTube account, though I will a) probably not use it too often; and b) use it solely as a force for good (read: no posting of Hasselhoff videos).

  2. John B., I agree. That Hasselhoff thing was a gross abuse of YouTube. There should be some kind of fine. I think in might even constitute crimes against humanity.


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