Monday, June 26, 2006

KGB Carnival for June 12

The bloggers are restless... Here's the KGB blog round up for the past week:
And the honorary Kansas Guild of Bloggers entry for this week is:
  • Next week's host of the KGB Carnival, Joel Matthis at Cup O' Joel, who is taking a YouTube sabbatical after overdosing on Hasselhoff (I told you to be careful with that stuff, Joel).
As usual, a great group of posts from a great group of people. I think it really showcases the diversity of our little blogmunity (okay, I'm just trying that word on for size. Maybe it doesn't quite fit). Thanks to everyone who participated.

As I mentioned, Joel Matthis at Cup O' Joel is hosting next week's KGB Carnival, so make sure to submit your favorite blog post early and often. You can use the submit link, or email Joel or myself.

The due date is Sunday at 3 p.m., but extra credit will be given to those who submit before Thursday.

Spread the word

Again, if you haven't done so yet, add your pin to the KGB Frappr map. Oh, and you can also add the KGB Blogroll to you blog by copying the code (posted here) and pasting it to your template. Help get the word out!

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!.

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