Tuesday, June 20, 2006

YouTube Tuesday: Mr. & Mrs. Brady

I've been getting a lot of hits from Belgium on the Robot Chicken video of Palpatine learning about the destruction of Death Star (my link to the clip got posted on a Belgian message board).

So, in an effort to further pander to the Belgians, I'm adding this clip, again from the comic geniuses at Robot Chicken. This time, they're brutally satirizing the entertainment industry (ironic, no?) by mashing up the Brady Bunch with the BrAngelina non-hit Mr. and Mrs Smith.

The results? Better than both originals.

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  1. Greg Colgate9/10/06, 4:39 PM

    There's a funny youtube video where some kids from New Jersey had a similar idea to voice over a Brady episode. In this one, Cindy's pregnant and thining about an abortion.

    Brady Bunch Parody


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