Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Blogthing: Going back to Cali

Given the landlocked nature of the area, the result of this week's blogthing isn't really surprising. But with another business trip to SF (not "San Fran" you cretins!) on the agenda for next week, this topic seemed appropriate.

I still prefer San Francisco to New York.

You Are 8% California

You are a bogus Californian. Go back to the East Coast.

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  1. Living in KC, which one of those did you checkmark?? I've never been to Frisco (ha! Frisco) but I've been to Southern Cali lots. I thought I'd make a good, mellow socal girl, but I only got 4%. (I WISH I had to wonder if pot was legal)!

  2. I checked the smoking one and the Spanish one.

    Living in JoCo and being too mature to frequent the Westport bar scene, I don't see a lot of indoor smoking.

    As for Spanish, I lived in Southwest Kansas for a few years, which has a high Hispanic population, so you tend to pickup the local lino.

  3. Apparently, I'm only 28% Californian, and the thing told me "You're not from California! Don't try to game this quiz!"

    Uummm, okay. I guess those 22 years I spent growing up in California were all for naught, then...

  4. Faith, you have become midwesternized. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

  5. I'm 12%. I spend more time in the O than SF when I head out that way.

  6. 16% - I've been midwesternized?! It's awesome.

  7. 12% for me and lived in Anaheim for a year.


  8. It's really kind of funny when the East Coast is considered the opposite of California...


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