Tuesday, September 18, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: R.I.P. Greg

This week's YouTube Tuesday is dedicated to Greg Beck.

I won't be able to attend the funeral this morning (damn work), but if you have a chance (and a red dress), here's the info:
Funeral Services:
Tuesday, September 18th, 11:00am
Palestine Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ
3619 E. 35th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64127
Please use the 35th Street entrance
And, just because it makes me feel a little bit better, here's a poem from one of my favorites, Billy Collins.

UPDATE: The Filegirl checks in with a nice update from the service. Thanks again, Filegirl, I hated to have missed it.

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  1. Thanks for that video clip - it was cool and soothing. You would've appreciated the service - I just love black preachers - so sorry you couldn't go, but you were there in spirit.

  2. That whole "dead people watching us" thing really creeps me out.

    That's why I hate the whole idea of any sort of afterlife.

  3. Well XO, I think most people interpret this sort of thing with a little more nuance.

    Most people don't think there are literal corpses floating around in the sky staring down at us.

    I think the point is that even though someone dies, they can live on in our thoughts and memories.

    It's sort of metaphorical, see?

  4. But then there's me... I like the actual idea of people who've gone before me checking up on me now and then. Except my grandpa when I'm in the shower or something. Uh.

    I guess my favorite thought is of angels rather than dead humans. I love having guardian angels.


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