Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Sebelius Administration and Chemical Weapons

The Sebelius Administration in Kansas just earned another black eye, proving yet again that it is no friend of the environment.

A report by the Wichita Eagle details how the Sebelius Administration approved a plan to go all Nazi on hundreds of cute, innocent prairie dogs in western Kansas.

Exterminators contracted by Logan County received approval from the Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department to use aluminum phosphide gas to execute the cuddly little creatures.

End environmentalists also fear the chemical weapons attack could have killed other cute meadow creatures such as burrowing owls, ornate box turtles, cottontail rabbits that tend to inhabit abandoned prairie dog holes.

The mass extermination was carried out with state support against the wishes of landowner Larry Haverfield.
"I hated to see them come on us and use that kind of poison," said Haverfield. "It kills everything in the holes. We would have liked to have someone come and seen us and talked about barriers and poison use."
The evil cabal of county commissioners and state undersecretaries took advantage of a 1904 state law that allows counties to poison prairie dogs and then bill the landowner for the atrocity.

With its support of this plan, the administration has revealed its deeply rooted anti-prairie dog sentiment. Oh, Sebelius' supporters will tell you that Priarie Dogs are vermin, that they carried plague and pestilence. Interesting how that is the same kind of rhetoric used by the Nazis in a little extermination scheme they had a few years ago.

Kansas shouldn't let this be swept under the rug. Today its prairie dogs in sparsely populated Logan County, tomorrow it could be the pet prairie dog in your back yard.

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