Monday, September 10, 2007

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Our homeowners association had its annual neighborhood picnic Saturday evening.

We moved into our new house almost exactly a year ago. Since then we've put on a new roof, new siding, painted lots of rooms, changed out some electrical outlets and done tons of work on the previously un-maintained landscape.

We've visited extensively with our next-door neighbors and met the family up the street with a girl the same age as our daughter.

But we hadn't met many of the other people in the neighborhood until Saturday, so it was nice to get out and mingle.

The highlight of the day of course was having the OP fire department bring a truck down for the kids to check out. Then the hooked up to a fire hydrant and turned the hose on for a few minutes.

The kids loved it.
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  1. We moved from Mission to Lenexa a year ago, although it sounds like you're way ahead of us on the work done thus far. Between the pallet of landscaping bricks in my garage and the limestones my wife brings from work, my back should officially be out by mid-October.

  2. Anyone want to help me with my backyard in Olathe?

    Sounds like we need to start a JoCo bloggers association.

  3. The Kids? hell I'd have been right in the middle of the spray! Whoo Hoo!

  4. Those photos are gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Ms. Mamma! That's high praise coming from you.

    They were taken with a 2MP cell phone camera.


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