Tuesday, September 11, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: Are we not men?

So I've received a couple of emails and comments about my fascination with monkeys, and just what's the deal with that anyway.

Well, I didn't really know I had a fascination with monkeys. Sure, there's the Smoking Chimp that I use in my profile, and a handful of posts about monkeys. But I wouldn't really call that a fascination, would you.

But in way of explanation let me just say that monkeys are funny. In a metaphorical sense they are a good way to poke fun at ourselves and mock our baser instincts in an exaggerated way.

Kind of like what Ernest Cline does here...

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  1. The most adorable thing in the world is when people dress up like little butlers or little bellhops and pretend to carry your luggage.


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