Tuesday, February 12, 2008

YouTube Tuesday: Slice of life

It's Morbid Curiosity Day at 3AM, and what better way to celebrate than to review the devastating injury to to Florida Panthers' Richard Zednik.

Zednick was injured on Sunday when a teammate's iceskate sliced through his carotid artery. The money shot happens at about the 26-second mark where you see skate meet jugular in super slow motion.

Amazingly, doctors were able to repair the artery after only an hour or surgery, but this is yet another example of why I like golf.

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  1. ...took a look at your old golf post: i was actually at #7.

    it was one of the annual Mike Sweeny/Tony Richardson charity golf tourneys at Iron Horse. The buy-in was $300 and I kept thinking, 'wow - i better get a hell of a coozy cup for this'. My cart partner was Daryl May, the spring after his one good year with us: he swung well but tended to whine no matter where his ball landed (duh).

    Anyhow, I don't remember that particular young lady's name, but I do markedly remember some of her particulars, as well as several of the others.

    They were all Christian volunteers, of course...

    ; ' )


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