Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Kids on the Blog

I wanted to take a break from being (as Keri Oki would say) Jerky McJerkelheimerSchmidt and highlight a few recent additions to the increasingly addition-laden blogroll at the left (which will make Emawkc's Third Annual Blog Anagram Game!!! really interesting later this year).
  • Serenity's Escape
    Shame on me for not linking to Serenity sooner. She's coming up on her first year blogiversary, and I only discovered her about a month or two ago. I love her takes, and she has a great way with words. She coined the term "Wal-Martian" which I have put into regular use in day-to-day conversation. I just wish she would post more often. Maybe if you go read and comment there, she will.

  • Moxie Mama
    I've been enjoying Moxie's opinions over the last few weeks. I even caught myself crunching numbers after a recent numerology post she did (I learned that according to my birthday, I'm in an extremely fickle and superficial phase of my life. Of course, that's been the case for the last 15 years).

  • The Good Mother's Guide to Happiness
    Talk about a great sense of humor. Amanda (aka The Good Mother) has some great stories, a prime example of which is her brief history of her vacations...
    "It was dark and scary on that lonely highway. You know the kind of highway I'm talking about…where at any moment someone could step out of the cornfields with a machete in one hand and a bloody head in the other."

  • The Aging Disco Diva
    I subscribed to ADD a few months ago and just recently added her to my blogroll (yeah, I know, more shame on me). She has a very entertaining way of popping the culture, including a recent, HI-laraious blistering of the world's most-hated woman:
    Heather Mills just brings out the ugliest thoughts and emotions from the Diva. Seriously... I have the irresistible urge to rip her leg off and beat her with it... no, not that leg---the one she was born with.
    Plus, the ADD is a K-State fan, so you know she's not just some crazy crackpot.
So go check these cool ladies out. Leave a comment and tell them emawkc sent you.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Thanks for reading. My blog is turning out to be so random, thanks for thinking some of the voices in my head are worth listening to! Your blog is definitely one of my favs...

  2. Ohhhhh....the Diva is thrilled at your mention, thank you so much!! We Wildcat fans do have the greatest tastes don't we?

  3. Thank you for the plug! I feel like I am the prettiest Wal-Martian in the world. THEY will have to make calendar. Please plug me anytime ;)


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