Monday, March 05, 2007

The very model of a modern hypocritical

I know I'm about a week late with this story, but based on recent events I can see that I have greatly underestimated the new Democratic congressional majority.

I posted earlier that the "new boss is the same as the old boss" regarding the new political majority.

But I figured it would take more than three months for the Democratic hypocrisy drive to hit warp 10.

We've seen the House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi renege on promises of bipartisanship by denying Republicans a vote on their proposals during congressional debates. And remember those 5-day congressional work weeks she promised? Yeah.. not so much. They've only had one so far.

(Of course there's Al Gore's use of private jets and his exorbitant electric bills while he tells us all to conserve energy. But that's more of a general hypocrisy since he's no longer in the Senate.)

Then we come to the great Democratic promise to make this "the most ethical Congress in history." And how do they accomplish this? By giving Rep. William Jefferson, D-Louisiana, a seat on the House Homeland Security Committee.
Jefferson is entangled in a federal bribery investigation related to his dealings with a telecommunications company. Federal investigators found $90,000 in cash in his freezer in 2005 after Jefferson allegedly accepted a $100,000 bribe from an FBI informant.
Contrast this with the news of Republican Congressman Bob Ney, who resigned last November after pleading guilty to using his political post for personal gain. He's now in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison with former Survivor star Richard Hatch.

As the abuses keep coming, it seems the best that Pelosiites can do is play the "it's our turn" card, saying that since the Republicans did it for the past six years, now the Democrats can.

Like I said, meet the new boss.

PS - I forgot to add that this is just further evidence for my theory that Liberal politicians are not only arrogant and pretentious, but hypocritical as well.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Did Ney resign when he had been convicted of nothing? Because Jefferson has not been convicted, has he?

    Seems like you're playing a little game of double standards here, aren't you?

  3. Ba'al,
    No reason to delete your comment, all are welcome here. BTW, how are you plans with Xavier Onasis going?

    Thanks for the comment. Double standards? Hmm. Perhaps. Although I don't recall many liberals, much less Mrs. Pelosi, crying foul with Mark Foley resigned before being indicted (in fact, I don't think he's been indicted yet). Not that he won't or shouldn't be. He should (but I think he won't).

    The point is the Mrs. P campaigned on the promise of "the most ethical Congress in history." I guess we're seeing how much weight her promises hold.

  4. The most ethical congress in history - you're just overestimating how high a bar that is.

    I'd be happy if Jefferson resigned, but he hasn't, and Pelosi is doing the right thing.

  5. "Ba'al,
    No reason to delete your comment, all are welcome here. BTW, how are you plans with Xavier Onasis going?"

    Gosh dangit! I didn't go to any extraordinary lengths to hide the fact that I have a darkside. But I didn't expect to be outed so soon on a deleted message.

    Fucker! LOL!


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