Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bracket racket

Logtar threw down the gauntlet.

I looked down at it, poked it a little with my toe, then decided to pick it up (but only with my thumb and forefinger, like it was something that might be dirty or dangerous).

I joined his NCAA Bracket group on Yahoo!.

I tend to be pretty myopic and emotional about the NCAA tourney. I'm not good at looking at teams objectively and making a cold judgment on any particular team's chances of victory over its opponent.

This perhaps explains why I have picked K-State to advance passed USC (although in my defense, I have them losing to Wisconsin), and why I can't see KU getting to the Final Four (sorry The D).

But, I'm honest with myself. I know I emotionally biased in this situation. And as a preemptive mea culpa, I'm publishing my bracket for your derision and mockery.

You can click the image to embiggen. Then fire away.
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  1. I love a bracket war - invite me to be part of the group!! NOW!! (unless, of course, you're scared.)

  2. Sponge,

    Logtar is the commish, so I think he'll have to invite you. So bug him.

    And yes, I am scared. Very scared.

  3. I have my bracket posted at my desk. Feel free to come and peruse at your lehzure...

    I'm not joining any bracket war, though. I hate that shit...

  4. I'm actually surprised you have KU making it to the elite 8.

  5. I will give you the password so you can invite more people and they can come and bug you! :)

  6. Memphis to the Final Four - ballsy pick -- I like it!


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