Friday, March 14, 2008

Thank God it's Pi Day

I had started a post about this the other day but I nearly forgot to publish it.

Can you imagine the calamity it would have caused if I would have celebrated Pi on 3/14 and all of the circles in the world suddenly had to correct the ratio of their circumference to their diameter? It would have been pandelerium I tells ya.

Thankfully, May jogged my memory and I can now happily report that my birthday is in the top 500,000 digits of Pi.

Also, I hereby challenge you all to test your Pi knowledge in the Pi triva challenge.

But first, check out this music video for a refresher course.

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  2. I had a math teacher who could write out hundreds of numbers in Pi.As he was doing he would speak out he mnemonic devices such as 1828-Tolstoy's birthday,etc. Since then (about 20 years) I remember Tolstoy's birthday, but I only know few digits of Pi.

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