Monday, March 24, 2008

Bracket Update

Well, despite currently being tied for first place with two others in our group, it's clear that my anti-KU bias has essentially scuttled any shot I had at winning the bracket challenge.

That, and my lack of faith in #2 seed Georgetown, who I had going to the final four after beating the 'Hawks in the Round of Eight (I absolutely refuse to use the term "Elite Eight" - ah damn! I just did!).

Anyway, I wasn't too worried with Duke lost, since I figured most people had them going at least to the Round of Eight. I have UCLA beating them and then losing to Memphis.

But that's all academic. With Georgetown and Vanderbilt both eliminated, it looks like KU's toughest test will be either Wisconsin or Davidson. And even a die-hard KU hater like myself has hard time picking against the Cheathawks in that scenario.

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  1. I'm liking NC at the moment.


  2. The guys on my team keep making fun of me for having all four #1 seeds in the final four, with KU meeting up with (and beating) UCLA in the championship.

    I just picked 'em that way 'cuz its how I see it going down this year, dammit. They think I'm playing the easy card...jerks!

    To be fair, I am wondering about UCLA's ability to get past Memphis, and that's IF Memphis can make it past Texas. It's all a one knows what's gonna actually happen the day of the game.


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