Thursday, March 27, 2008

There were door prizes

It sounds a bit repetitive, but everyone seemed to have a great time last night at the big blogger meetup in KCK.

I mean how could you not have great time with cheap drinks (I drank a Flying Monkey three various Boulevard brews and bought two more for friends, and even with the food I ordered and tip factored in I still spent less that $25 on the night), great company and even a little science thrown in.

Yes, science. I met Keith Sader for the first time, and the first thing he did was offer me a free DVD all about stem cells, cloning and the like. I mentioned that it would come in handy as I build my evil clone army to take over the world.

That's why I like going to these things -- because there's always a chance to meet new and interesting people. I met A.Librarian in person for the first time, Nuke, and of course Keri Oke. And I particularly enjoyed conversations with blogging power couple Bea and her sidekick Logtar (who was bustin' my chops all night, the little scamp. I totally owe him a noogie next time I see him).

But perhaps the best conversation I had as I was leaving. I was just walking out the door when one of my favorite commenters was walking in. This guy doesn't have his own blog per se, but he spends a lot of time reading other's blogs and leaving his incredibly varied thoughts and opinions as comments.

It's kind of a meta-blogging experiment that I really admire. Anyway I had a great conversation with this guy. His online handle is "Anonymous" and we talked for maybe 15 minutes.

He mentioned how cool it was that everyone was getting together like this, but that we are all still pretty lame for getting together like this. He also said that he is totally against the war in Iraq and that everyone who doesn't hate it as much as he does is a redneck idiot. But he also said that most Liberals are American-hating communists (and really, who can argue with that).

You can read more about the big event here, here, here, and here.

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  1. So you are the one who snagged the cloning DVD. How am I supposed to take over the world with my evil librarian army if I don't know how to clone them?

  2. No no! It was meee! Ha ha ha... I have the cloning DVD. I just saw it on the table, asked who got it... nobody replied... I'm a Biologist... I'm sorry... was it yours, Alicia??? LOL

  3. All I got was a rock. :(


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