Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Headlines: Condom nation

Condom applicator wins design award

Design gurus in South Africa have declared the Pronto condom applicator the "the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa."

I look at that thing (you can see a video demonstration here) and I think (now this could just be me) that it looks waaaaaay too small.

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  1. I think Pampered Chef sells something like this. It either slices apples, or juices oranges. Maybe both.

  2. The best condom applicator is the mouth of the woman you love. It can be done in an incredibly sensual way.

    Seen it in a porno movie once.

  3. Heather's right, it looks like some kind of dicer or slicer... possibly even a cigar cutter. Whatever it is, if I had a weiner, I wouldn't put this contraption on it :)


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