Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Slogan time again

The Kansas City Star, apotheosis of journalistic integrity that it is, has launched a contest for a new unofficial city slogan to go with the new ideas and administration of the new KCMO Mayor Mark Funkhouser.

And since I riffed severely on the state of New Jersey when they were going through their state motto crisis, I thought I'd try to give equal time to Kansas City, Mo. So here are a few lame thoughts to go with the lame thoughts posted as comments to The Star's article:
  • Kansas City: Jazz + Funk = Junk.
  • Kansas City, leading the way in steel-plated streets since 1993.
  • Kansas City, the loosest slots aren't in the casinos, they're in Westport
  • Kansas City: In Your Face, Omaha!
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  2. Shelly,
    Correct your spelling of "catergories" and you've got a deal.


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