Monday, May 22, 2006

It blew my mind... when someone said "Pauly Shore is nearly forty."

If you ever think you have wasted your life, just remember that at least you're not Pauly Shore.

Pauly, it's not okay if you're close to 40 and people are still calling you Pauly (unless you're in the mob).

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  1. That's nothing.

    Keith Richards is almost 70.

    Or he would be if he hadn't died at 35 after shooting heroin directly into his eye.

    Someone should really tell him he's dead. He doesn't seem to realize it.

    Plus, Mick Jagger is looking more and more like Don Knotts. And Don Knotts is dead too.

  2. Name one good movie Pauly Shore was in (besides Encino Man).


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