Monday, May 15, 2006


Xavier, the Hip Suburban White Guy, is freaking out about the new skywalk exhibit planned to open at the Grand Canyon.

I must say I was stoked when I first saw the photos and drawings for the Skywalk, which the Hualapai Indian tribe plans to open this year.

But at 3,800 feet in the air, I can see why the more acrophobic might get a little queasy. Maybe it's best to keep your leisure activities a little closer to the ground.

Hey Xavier, how about a nice friendly game of tennis:

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  1. jesus that is insane, we'll see how many bawls they lose to windforce.

  2. If I could even stand being there, it would be cool to throw a frisbee over the edge, just to see how far it goes.

    Hard to do though, while you are on your knees whimpering like a little girl.


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