Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wrong way

I was on a message board the other day, discussing the possibilities of a mid-term Democratic landslide in the upcoming elections.

The question was posed:
"How the hell did Kerry lose? How could ANYONE have lost against Bush?"
My answer was thus:
"The Dems lost last time because they ran on an "Anyone but Bush" platform. They have a golden opportunity with the upcoming elections. What I worry about is that they will again focus on personality and blame instead of proposing solutions.

Wrong message: "Those guys screwed up the country, vote for me."

Right message: "Let's reign in spending and do (fill in the blank) in Iraq. Vote for me."
I bring this up, because it looks like at least a segment of the liberal voters are already losing focus.

Many bloggers today are referring to a column penned (keyboarded?) by the Washington Post's Richard Cohen detailing the "digital lynch mob" that attacked him because he found no humor in Stephen Colbert's recent performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

This is bad news for the Democrats. They shouldn't be attacking each other based on pop culture criticism. They shouldn't really be attacking anybody.

They should be formulating a decent and workable proposal to put before the electorate.

The majority in congress is theirs for the taking, unless they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

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  1. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is what Democrats do. Sorry to say.

    Nobody wants a Democratic revoloution more than me.

    I'm so sick of Republican Rule that I could puke blood.

    I want to vote for someone who can repair the damage to our international reputation that President Alfred E. Newman (What, Me worry?) has created.

    Who's that gonna be?

    Might be McCain. He seems level headed and not afraid to piss off Republicans.

    Better than what I've seen from my fellow Democrats (I'm actually more of a Libertarian, but they don't have a prayer).

  2. I've been seeing this a lot too. The Democrats are spending COPIOUS amounts of time and money in a ludicrous attempt to deflower the reputations of as many ranking Republicans and they possibly can. It's like they believe that it would be better for them if the Repubs LOST the election, rather than the Democrats WINNING it...

    But for the last 30 years, that's how they've done I guess old habits die hard.

  3. Don't kid yourself. The Democrats don't have to spend a dime or lift a finger.

    The Republicans are imploding on their own power.

    All any Democrat with over 32 brain cells (OK, I know that narrows the field, yuk, yuk, yuk) has to do is stand on the sidelines, point and say "Look!".

    The Republicans are doing this to themselves.

  4. ... Of course, a lot of Dems said the same thing after GW's first term.


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