Monday, May 08, 2006

Slogan? Who needs it

A few months ago I blogged about New Jersey's quest for a new state slogan.

The state bought a slogan for $260,000 from a PR firm ("New Jersey: We'll Win You Over."), then had buyers remorse and decided to hold a contest to let state residents choose a new slogan: "New Jersey, Come See For Yourself."

Well, it turns out the state isn't happy with that one either.
State tourism officials said legal issues led them to scrap the latest slogan, explaining that West Virginia and other states previously used "Come See For Yourself."
Some people might see this as a boondoggle, but I see it as something the state could capitalize on. Why not incorporate this third stab at a slogan into the slogan itself.

The clever AP headline writer suggested: "New Jersey: We're Not So Good With Slogans."

Here are a few more ideas from yours truly.
  • New Jersey: Third time is a charm
  • New Jersey: Three strikes and your in
  • New Jersey: We like to do everything in threes
If you have any suggestions, leave 'em in the comments. C'mon! New Jersey's dyin' here!

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  1. I lived and worked in NJ for three and a half years in the late eighties.

    Hated it.

    Therefore, I feel uniquely qualified to suggest their State Motto.

    My submission is:

    "Whaddafuckyoulookinat? Huh?"

    It will look better translated into Latin. Trust me.

  2. Yea, we have enough fuckin people here.

    LOL...we don't need anymore. We get enough in the summer through shore traffic damn it. I can't even get home from Philli and it's a freakin 20 minute ride.

    I say who freaking cares, slogan, schmogan...blah, blah, blah....

    Stick to the cliche: everyone else THAT DOESN'T LIVE HERE seems to want to anyway:

    Welcome to New Jersey - Now Go Home.

    New Jersey: Attitude Capital:Fuck Off.

    New Jersey: Who Needs A Fuckin Slogan?

    Anyway, I bet NJ is the most talked about / made fun of state ever. Did ya ever notice that? Commercials, movies, comedies, stand's always Jersey.

    Alot of famous people are from Jersey too. I just found out this week, the red haired chic from That 70's Show is from Jersey too...must be something in the water....


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