Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"So I nearly got killed today"

Okay, I'm about a month slow in finding this story (thanks Andrew at J4TR), but I still wanted to ask this question:

How much you wanna bet the 'shooter' in this scenario was doing the Robert De Niro Taxi Driver "You talkin' to me" routine in his bathroom mirror --- with LIVE FREAKIN' AMMUNITION!!!

The Anti-Otter was damn lucky to come away with only a splattering of drywall shrapnel.

I think this incident lends support to my theory: Guns don't kill people, jackass numbskulls do.

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  1. Actually, that should read "jackass numbskulls...with guns".

    I'm here to help!

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  3. Of course, X-man, I'll defer to your vast experience and expertise on jackass numbskulls. I know when I'm overmatched.


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