Thursday, May 25, 2006

West Side represent, yo

Quick, tie a string around your index finger.

This string is there to remind you to submit a blog post for the Kansas Guild of Bloggers Carnival that will be posted on Monday, May 29.

Here are a few quick guidelines:
  • Participating bloggers should be either living in Kansas or should at some time have lived in Kansas.
  • Or, participating bloggers should have at some point traveled through, around, or over Kansas.
  • Or, participating bloggers should have something to say that would be relevant to people living in Kansas.
That should about cover everyone.

One thing I would like to see more of is bloggers from western Kansas. Recent KGB carnivals have been pretty east-Kansas heavy, so if you know anyone from the West Side, tell them they better represent, yo.

And it always helps when you mention this call for entries on your blog. Feel free to include the submit link as well.

Thanks. Check back Monday for the roundup.

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  1. Simon, I'm glad you asked. There are three things you should do, all of them optional:

    1) Submit a blog article to the Blog carnival 3 p.m.) on Sunday. It's easy enough, just fill in the blanks and follow the prompts. (I'd say your Amazon post is a perfect candidate).

    2) Forward a link to this call for submissions to any bloggers that you know of in Kansas. Also if you know of any expatriot KGB operatives (bloggers from Kansas who currently live in a foreign country like Italy, Spain, or Texas), make sure they know about this effort as well. Maybe even post an article/link on your blog.

    3) Add your pin KGB frappr map. You can see it in the righ-hand column of this blog. Just click it and follow the instructions to add yourself.

    That's it. This is really just a way to form some semblance of a community of Kansas Bloggers. Thanks for participating!

  2. I tried the submit link; hope it comes through ok.


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