Friday, May 12, 2006

You and me and the KGB

I know it's early (6 o'clock in the morning where I am), but I want to raise my Friday drinking glass to those who have submitted posts through the Blog Carnival submit link for Monday's KGB roundup.

This will be the fifth KGB carnival I've hosted, and I've received some great responses, like this one from Joel Mathis at Cup o' Joel:
Hey Emaw:

Thanks for the work you do with KGB. Speaking only for myself, I feel like it's helped create and strengthen whatever strands of community exist among Kansas bloggers. And I'm grateful to have been mentioned, because it gets my stuff seen outside Lawrence. (That's ego-driven, I know, but I can't help myself.)

You do good work. Thanks again.
No, thank you Joel for participating. And thanks to everyone else who submits and reads posts.

Let's keep working to make this the best damn Kansas blog round-up in Kansas! Help get the word out by posting a link to the KGB blog carnival submit page. Send an email reminder to all your friends and neighbors (at least the ones who write/read blogs).

Don't forget to submit your own post as well, or you can email your entry to Remember, deadline is 3 p.m. Central on Sunday.

Also, if you have a nominee for the Honorary KGB Blogger of the Week, send me the link along with an envelope of "cannolis" to assure your nominee is the winner.

Thanks again everyone. See you on Monday!

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