Monday, May 15, 2006

Bradical on sabatical?

I received this comment in a previous blog post:
I visit your blog because your location is in kansas and please you can help me there is a blog from kansas city i visited this blog since more than 1 years and few days ago i try to visit but since that i can not i dont know why if you can go and see and try to visit if itis a problem from my computer or other thing you understund if something heppned to your favorite blog
thank i a from algéria north africa and i have 22 my name is nabil
i will visit your blog in few
days thanks
my e-mail
Assuming this isn't some kind of phishing or spam post, I'd like to help mohamed07dz out.

So, anyone know what happened to Bradical Mindspew? I tried his link and and was taken to some kind of file tree. How 'bout a little help here, KC bloggers.

UPDATE: Yeah. The idea isn't to be some kind of stalker site. Just trying to determine if he started a new blog or gave up blogging for Lent or what. Obviously, we're not trying to "out" anyone.

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  1. Brad is back online at the same address as of 10 on monday night. He explains everything there. HE GOT HOSED!!


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